rz-solo-resimkan-taman-baca-pablenganKARANGANYAR. RZ Solo cooperated with Pablengan Youth Community inaugurated Reading Park housed in warm water attractions Sapta Tirta, Pablengan, Matesih, Karanganyar on Thursday (12/22).

The event was attended by several officials of Pablengan villages, Pablengan village chief, Salaman Village Chief, , and also Head of Regional Library Karanganyar once inaugurated Reading Park cutting a tape and cut Tumpeng. Participants who attended consisted of 50 local children and 50 residents.

The event was filled with theater from high school students and to tell stories of Solo castle fairy tale, the children were very excited and pleased with the presence of Reading Park in their village.

Aisyah (9), one of the children of local residents said, “I am happy, there is a Reading park, so i can often read and play here” she said cheerfully.

Pablengan village chief, Mr. Suharno also expressed many thanks to RZ which has been supporting Pablengan Reading Park.

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