rz-solo-salurkan-1000-kornet-di-daerah-rawan-longsorWONOGIRI RZ Solo with Jawa Pos Radar Solo distribute a thousand cans of corned in Superqurban distribution expedition to areas prone to landslides in Gupakan hamlet, Pucung Village, Kismantoro District, Wonogiri. In contrast to last year’s expedition activities, location was selected because it includes a dry mountain region vulnerable to landslides.

The majority of residents work as farmer, laborers of spices and pulses with a lower economic level. There are 250 households (families) living in the hilly area. “Hamlet is a hamlet Gupakan with most residents in three other hamlets in Pucung village, namely Jeladri, Gandring, and Pucung Hamlet,” said Pucung Kateno village chief yesterday.

Residents in the area rarely conducted qurbani. Even getting qurbani meat in Eid season can be counted on the fingers. This condition occurs due to the economic level of the people which is still alarming.
“Alhamdulillah, with the arrival of RZ Solo tem and Jawa Pos Radar Solo is very helpful to our region conditions of the people here,” added the Head of Dusun Gupakan Darmadi.

SuperQurban Expedition this year distributed 1,000 cans of Superqurban corned accompanied with free health care, distribution of supplementary food packages and worth taking cloth distribution.

“We also invited a team of Java Post Radar Solo to participate in social activities for all the public to know the conditions in Gupakan Hamlet,” added Manager of RZ Solo Mei Sri Widuri.
Regarding SuperQurban, Mei said, this is the optimization of the sacrificial meat to be processed into corned beef. Target distribution Sof uperQurban is prone areas of nutrition, landslides and lower economic community.

Source: http://radarsolo.jawapos.com/read/2016/08/26/3328/-rumah-zakat-solo-salurkan-seribu-kornet-di-daerah-rawan-longsor

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