RZ SUPPORT EKONOMI MASYARAKAT DENGAN MODAL USAHAJAKARTA. Venture capital is an enabling factor in opening a business. And this is one of the obstacles for the poor who opened the business.

Seeing this condition RZ in cooperation of Mr. H. Tria Belitonito to distribute economic aid in the form of Venture Capital.

Distribution of capital conducted Thrusday (1/19) at RT 013 RW 011 Keramat Jati subdistrict Kramat Jati district, east Jakarta. Kramat Jati. This venture capital distribution was given to Mr. and Mrs. Leni Pranoto.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks RZ and Donators for the aid given, may Allah replied you the best, and please pray for the business I run got blessed” Said Pak Pranoto (38).

Pranoto willing to open a business in the form of Bekam and Herba with hope can help the family economy. Unlike Pranoto, Leni who also RZ Beneficiaries (PM), the housewife who choose to indulge herself to sell the family needs.

Leni willing to start a steam irons services motivated by the business of her relatives. Lenis put a great hope on the business, with this Leni could help her husband meet household needs, ” Alhamdulillah, thank donators and RZ, for the attention to us in running the business,” she said.


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