JARZ WUJUDKAN OUTING CERIA PAUD INSAN AULIA DI RAGUNANKARTA. As a form of concern from RZ donator to PAUD (Early childhood education) Insan Aulia, RZ Jakarta distributed aid to meet the needs of PAUD Insan Aulia, including Outing expense this time.

Children of PAUD Insan Aulia carried out outing on Wednesday (04/05). Nice weather made children was enthusiastic, accompanied by the teachers and parents the students engage in activities outside. Outing Location was in the south of Jakarta namely Ragunan Zoo.

Outing activities are accompanied by a parent and teacher aims to introduce the diversity of flora and fauna of domestic and foreign. Ragunan Zoo Become a tourist destination because as well as the environment is still beautiful and clean. Ragunan also has a variety of animals.

From Pancoran, the children, parents and teachers of PAUD Insan Aulia rode Metro mini vehicle. About 65 people set off at 08.00 pm and arrive at the Ragunan Zoo at 09.30 am.

On arrival at the Ragunan Zoo, the group was briefed by teacher of PAUD Insan Aulia. Furthermore the children walked around to see the animals that are in the Ragunan Zoo, such as: giraffes, elephants, deer, bears, bats, tigers, orangutans, snakes and pelicans.

Once satisfied to see a wide variety of animals, children took a rest and ate lunch. Although tired but the happiness and joy could be seen from the children during a stroll to see various animals.

“Tourism is a rare thing from children’s of PAUD Insan Aulia because they come from underprivileged families whom majority work as scavengers. But Alhamdulilah RZ can support their needs through donations entrusted by donator to RZ.” said Shyfa Nur, RZ Project Monitoring and Evaluation.

Newsroom / Nur Shyfa

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