RZ YOGYAKARTA SIAPKAN 7000 TAKJILYOGYAKARTA. RZ Yogyakarta prepares 7000 packages of BBP during the Ramadhan 1435 H. Those packages will be distributed to the needy periodically. In addition to BPP, RZ also has several Ramadhan programs this year namely Kado Lebaran Yatim (KLY), Bingkisan Lebaran Keluarga (BLK), and Syiar Quran (SQ).

“This year, the name of our programs is Senyum Ramadhan. By this program, we expect that it can present smile among the people,” Istiawan, Yogyakarta RZ Branch Manager, said, Friday (4/7).

To be able to share more, this year, RZ Yogyakarta distributes proposals into corporate for inviting them to donate via RZ. On the other hand, individual and communities are persuaded to participate in those programs.

“We ask them to discuss the issues of Zakat. This is implemented to solicit zakat fund and educate regarding to the obligation of paying out zakat,” Istiawan said.***

Courtesy: www.jogja.tribunnews.com

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