Sometimes we are lazy to eat sahur. So, we just drink water only. Is that allowed?


Sahur has many virtues. Therefore, the Prophet SAW strongly emphasized to his people for sahur, even with the lightest thing; drinking water.

From Abu Said al-Khudri RA, Rasulullah SAW said, “Eat sahur is a blessing, therefore, do not you leave it, though only by drinking a sip of water,” (Narrated by Ahmad 11086 and Syuaib al-Arnauth).

The one who drinks in sahur, he gets blessed. Even so, it is better having a meal for sahur. The Messenger of Allah said, “Although only by drinking a sip of water” means drinking water when we could not find any food or do not have appetite for eating.

Imam Ibn Utsaimin asked if the meal could only be by drinking water? His answer,

“Apparently this can be considered sahur, but if there is no food. Based on the hadith, ‘If you break your fasting, then eat wet dates, if there is none, eat dried dates. If not, drink a few sips of water ‘If someone does not have food, or he has food but do not have appetite, then he just drank water, I hope this includes the practice of sunna.’ (Fatawa Nur ‘ala ad-Darb) Wallahu ‘alam.

Quoted from: Ustadz Ammi Nur Baits, Board of Trustees Konsultasisyariah.com
Source: Islampos.com

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