SALURKAN DANA ZAKAT DENGAN PEMBAGIAN SEMBAKOBANDUNG. Thursday, (04/20) Zakat House channeled donator zakah’s funds in the form of distribution of food package. The distribution of Zakat Fund of Deni Kadir is channeled to the beneficiaries that consist of elderly and pre prosperous families. A total of 85 people become beneficiaries in this zakat fund distribution activity.


The location of the distribution of basic needs is divided into several points. There are 29 beneficiary families from Kampung Cilengkrang RW 9 and 14 families from Kampung Pameungpeuk RW 12 Desa Pasirhalang Sub Cisarua, 14 families from Kampung Campaka RW 12 Desa Pakuhaji and 28 families from Kampung Cialih RW 08 Desa Pakuhaji Ngamprah District West Bandung regency.


The distribution of zakat through the basic needs is carried out from the process of procurement of basic goods to the packaging. The event was opened by the PIC disbursement of zakat funds. Activities carried out not only the distribution of food package only. In the series of event activities there is tausiyah (lecture) delivery to the beneficiaries.


At the end of the event, the committee directly provided basic food items symbolically to several beneficiary representatives. The contents of the package consist of rice, cooking oil, sugar, tea and sardine cans. “Thank God for the help. May all goodness be repaid by Allah.” Said one of the beneficiaries.

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