TANGERANG. Tuesday (05/30) Rumah Zakat Tangerang in the first week of Ramadhan to conduct the second distribution of Syiar Quran package. The second distribution is located on the south side of Tangerang, precisely in Al-Hidayah Mosque, in JL. Katsuri 2 Graha Mas Serpong, Kec. Jelepung, South Tangerang.


Arriving at the place of distribution, Volunteers were greeted by a very friendly and homely man. Wildan is his name, he is the administrator of Al-Hidayah Mosque. The man from Bandung has been 2 months become a marbot.


In between his activities caring for the house of Allah, Kak Wildan always read the verses of the Quran, for him reading the Quran is a routine that brings curiosity to his heart.


“Alhamdulillah, thank you very much for Syiar Quran done in Al-Hidayah Mosque, to be a complement and encouragement for the congregation to always read the holy verses of the Qur’an. Hopefully what has been given become good deeds for Amil and Donator. All Rumah Zakat’s donator may always given His rewards and blessings in his life, aamiinn. ” Wildan Said.

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