TEMANGGUNG. The empowered village children of Kedungumpul, Temanggung seem serious learning guided by two teachers. Every now and then they raised their hands asking the teacher.

That was the scene that appeared on Friday afternoon (9/21) at the Sregep Sinau Learning Studio which was held at the Home of Rumah Zakat’s Facilitator of Kedungumpul Village, Rumah Zakat.

This studio is never deserted by children who want to learn, reading also playing. Even the learning activities that are seen at this time are actually games played by children. They play roles, there are those who become teachers and some become students.

But make no mistake, even though they play they still carry real lesson. Children who play the role of teacher also explain the real subjects.

“Children need to be trained to be reponsible, role playing is one of the effective ways for that,” said Dwi Utami, one of the Sregep Sinau Learning Studio supervisors.

The Learning Studio established by Rumah Zakat is indeed developing a method of peer learning. Of course, it is still accompanied by the teacher so that it is always directed.

This method is very favored by children, especially for those who have aspirations to become teachers.

“I really want to be an elementary school teacher and love to play as a teacher in the studio,” said Marsya (12), one of the children at the Sregep Sinau Learning Studio.

Anantiyo Widodo, Rumah Zakat’s Facilitator said that this kind of learning while playing method can only be applied to girls but in the future, it will also be tried for boys, although perhaps with a slightly different model.


Dani Suhardi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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