Desa Quran Tasikmalaya is one of the fostered villages of Rumah Zakat. In addition to the tahfidz program in the class, the students were also taught martial arts namely wushu. This self-defense is led by Ustadz Egis Permana Al Hafidz as the Ambassador of the Quran in the Quran Village of Tasikmalaya.

“In a healthy body, there is a strong soul.”

This motto motivates the students to be diligent in exercising. By learning wushu the body will always be healthy and can also be equipped to defend themselves when needed. Ustadz Egis said that in addition to being intelligent, students also had to be able to become strong students with hopes in the future and be able to help one another.

These activities were routinely carried out every weekend in the morning. As one of the sporting activities, the students enthusiastically followed the movement materials taught by Ustadz Egis. Not only male students but female students also participated in this martial arts activity.

“Although we are females, we also want to practice this sport,” said Ulfa, one of the female students in the Quran village.


Lailatul Istikhomah | Hanaa Afifah

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