SANTRI PTJ SOLO ADAKAN KUNJUNGAN KE PETERNAKAN SAPI LIMOSINSOLO. Students of Pondok Tahfidz Juara (PTJ) Rumah Zakat Solo visited a limousine cow farm on Wednesday (05/03). The farm that is located in Dusun Salaman, Pablengan, Matesih, Karanganyar has 8 cows with enormous weight and size.
“The cows here are newborns. Some were bought not from the age of the children, but already aged and then here for the process of fattening, then sold, ” Wardi explained to PTJ students.
Limousine cow is a type of broiler. Limousine co form is favored by breeders because it has a large shape. This type of cow is also often discussed by the community, especially those who will perform qurban, because of that limousine cow prices tend to be higher than the other cows.
During the visit, students are given the opportunity to ask questions to the breeder. Not only question and answer, students are also given the opportunity to feed the cows. PTJ Students feed the cows with straw in the cage. The food of cattle is never lacking because the farm is on the edge of the hamlet and paddy field, so there is quite a lot.
The visit is intended for students to learn and see firsthand how to raise cattle properly of these breeders. “Alhamdulillah I am happy to feed this great cow. In town i rarely see cattle directly “said Mikail, students of PTJ Solo.

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