SANTRI PTJ SOLO HIDUPKAN KEMBALI PERMAINAN TRADISIONALSOLO. Students of Pondok Tahfidz Juara (PTJ) of Rumah Zakat Solo relive the traditional game. As we already know, now we rarely find children who still play traditional games, like games played in the past.

The traditional game played by our ancestors has many benefits, one of them for health. Unfortunately, the children in 21st century rarely play it, especially for those who live in the city.

Wednesday (04/12), students of PTJ Rumah Zakat Solo play traditional game called ‘Rambatan’. In this game the students need togetherness in playing it. Rambatan game has laws that require all participants to walk from the starting point to the destination point by clinging to trees. The group would have survived if simultaneously holding plants and no loss of grip which led to the arrest by the opponent.

There are so many benefits of traditional games. One of them, by playing the game students are expected to pick a value of sportsmanship. Besides that the physical ability also trained from an early age when doing traditional games. And no less important, traditional games provide value and learning to cultivate an attitude of mutual assistance and cooperation.

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