WONOGIRI. To empower the community and improve the economic level of the community, Rumah Zakat launches an economic empowerment program by providing business capital assistance. This time business assistance in the form of plastic press, regulator of gas cylinders, jars, and some frying equipment was given to Ms. Wahyu Yulianti, Saturday (23/03) residents of the Pucung Kismantoro  Village, Wonogiri.

Mrs. Yuli, she familiarly called is currently pursuing ‘Rempeyek’ production business then she sell her product at the stall surrounding her area, the business has been running for more than a year.

Yoyok Ernowo as Pucung’s Empowered Village Facilitator explained that the provision of business facilities was expected so that Mrs. Yuli could develop her business at this time. Hopefully those products made varied so that they will increase market share.

“Thank you, mas, for providing business facilities. Hopefully my business improves well. ” Said Mrs. Yuli.

In addition to providing business facilities, Mrs.Yuli will get business assistance and business mentoring once a month.


Hasun / Lailatul Istikhomah

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