For some people, breakfast in the morning may not be a crucial thing. In fact, breakfast before doing various activities is very important. In addition to making the body healthy, breakfast can also make the body not lethargic during the day.

However, there are still many who think that breakfast is an activity to eat any food so that the stomach remains full. In fact, the right breakfast is when someone eats a complete nutritious food, it doesn’t even need to be until the stomach feels full.

In addition, many also think that when we eat breakfast, we must eat solid food. “Often people mistakenly perceive breakfast. Breakfast is considered solid food, even though it can be soft and liquid food and drink. Breakfast is done to meet daily nutritional needs, “said a nutritionist, Hardinsyah, at a press conference for the launch of Nestlé NESTUM at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, some time ago.

Although nutritional needs must be met, but according to Hardinsyah, too much is also best avoided because it can cause drowsiness that will hamper daily activities.

Breakfast can indeed be said to be an activity of eating and drinking, but food and drinks that are eaten must be good. “Fulfilling carbohydrates, protein, minerals, and fiber,” Hardinsyah said.

Breakfast is also a source of energy that causes the body to have more stamina. In addition, breakfast can also help a person concentrate more on activities from morning to noon. When you are done doing activities, energy will definitely decrease. Therefore, aside from breakfast, nutritious lunches and evenings are also highly recommended.

Based on data from the Total Diet (SDT) Survey of the Health Research and Development Agency on more than 25 thousand children aged 6 to 12 years in 34 provinces in Indonesia, around 47.7 percent of children have not met the minimum energy needs at breakfast. Then, 66.8 percent of children still had breakfast with low nutritional quality of vitamins and minerals. The percentage of children who lack quality nutrition can be fairly high.

“There are several factors, ignorance of parents, family. This breakfast habit is an influence from the environment. These are children at school age, “said Hardinsyah.


Furthermore, he also said that when children feel hungry, they will definitely ask for food. Parents should always anticipate this by providing a variety of high-quality and nutritious foods. Then, Hardinsyah also said that the time factor also affected children’s breakfast habits.

To avoid congestion, children leave school early. In this situation, parents must be a good example by getting up early so that they can prepare healthy supplies. If parents wake up at the same time when children go to school, the child will have difficulty getting a full nutritious breakfast.




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