sd-juara-antusias-kunjungngi-riau-safety-driving-centreRIAU. On Tuesday (08/11) 2nd grade students of SD Juara Pekanbaru carried out Outing Class to Riau Safety Driving Centre (RSDC) Pekanbaru. Such activities are a means for students to learn and know how to process driver’s license, know the traffic rules on the road and understand traffic signs.

This is part of Social subject themed important documents, in which is one of the sub theme is ‘How to make driver’s license ‘. Before leaving, the class teacher prepared some questions to the students. And they should answer question after they get an explanation from police and policewomen in RSDC. They are also expected to ask questions related to the explanations given to them at the time.

Exactly at 08.30 am, students left the school and got there about 09:00. Once there the students were greeted by several police and policewomen and policemen were directed to march and pray. Then they were taken to a room, there is a road traffic monitoring. In the room they can see how the condition of each road at the time. In space they also demonstrated some kinds of uniforms used police or policewomen.

Then they were taken to the room where the driver’s license, or a driving license renewal. In these places, one of Ms. Policewoman explains how to make. Then they also demonstrated a driving test for people who want to make driver’s license. Finally, they took around to the park as the police explained about the Traffic Signs. They are also shown to several former motorcycle collisions result from lack caution toward road traffic.

After touring, they relax while enjoying a snack that has been prepared. Then they were given time to complete the answers to questions that have been assigned. After all the questions answered they prepared returning to school.

Students seemed so excited and pleased with this activity. 2nd grade student of SD Juara Pekanbaru named Aqfan Pratama revealed, “I was pleased to meet with the police officer and Policewoman, I was told many things about the rules on the highway and now i already known how the process of making driver’s license “. he said.

Newsroom/Muhammad Bayu Putra

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