BANDUNG. (09/10) Gayo Lues Regent, H. Muhammad Amru along with his staff visited SD Juara Bandung, free school commenced by Rumah Zakat. The purpose of the new inaugurated regent’s visit is to do the Benchmark.

SD Juara Bandung was chosen as the school visited because H. Amru rate that the school managed by Rumah Zakat is very appropriate with Gayo Lues condition and very relevant to the vision and mission which he applied.

“I really appreciate this free and quality school, I am interested in establishing the School. I hope in 2018 SD Champion can be established in Gayo Lues ” said H. Amru

Besides doing benchmark activities, H. Amru also visited one of the classes at SD Juara Bandung to provide motivation to the students. He also advised that the students should remain spirit to learn so that desired goals can be achieved.

“Alhamdulilah very grateful for the visit of Mr. Muhammad Amru, hopefully with this visit makes SD Champion Bandung further improve its quality and hopefully the establishment plan of Elementary School Juara in gayo Lues can be realized ” said Principal of SD Juara Bandung, Putra Muhammad Pajrudin.

Newsroom/ Lailatul Istikhomah


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