SD JUARA BATAM LATIH SKILL MENULIS GURU DAN RELAWAN DENGAN PELATIHAN JURNALISTIKBATAM. SD Juara Batam under RZ guidance implemented Journalism Training, Muhammad Riza Fahlevi S.Sos which is the Senior Editor of Batam Pos, Agnes Damayanti owner Agnes Writing Class, and Limawan Vihien Penulis Novel Cinta Berkelas Sang Disabilitas became speakers in the training.

Journalism Training was held on Saturday (1/28) in the Hall of SD Juara Batam Komp. Pesantren Mizanul Ulum Kav. KSB Blok. C, RT. 06 RW. 17 Mangsang subdistrict, Sungai Beduk district, Batam, Riau Islands Province. Not only Teachers of SD Juara Batam who participated but also RZ Volunteers also participated in this training.

According Shofar Fitrotul Al Amin S.Pd.I as principal of SD Juara Batam the Journalism Training aims to improve skills of teacher and RZ Volunteer in presenting information in writing in accordance with the rules of journalism, accurate, and can process the information according to the facts in presenting information to the public, so that the spirit of sharing can be transmitted, and perceived by the public, so that the spirit of sharing being the culture for Indonesia.

“This event is very memorable for us, the games presented also contain wisdom and brotherhood, and this visit is also as a means of support for the presence of SD Juara Batam to continue to contribute to Dhuafa community” said Shofar Fitrotul Al Amin as Principal of SD Juara Batam

Muhammad Riza Fahlevi S.Sos explained that “Writing is not as easy to say, so we should be able to write down what is said to continue to be trained, improve the skill regularly, in addition to the basic rules of journalism that should exist in every news and reportage that we make, the most important is we should diligently read the book, to increase the quality of the resulting paper, and the proper way to tie each idea is by writing “added Muhammad Riza Fahlevi, familiarly called mas Riza.

The training that started from 01:30 to 05:30 pm was, appreciated by Mr. Muhammad Isa S.Sos as Branch Manager of RZ Representative Office in Riau Islands, “I appreciated the implementation of Journalism Training and skills training may continue to evolve so that RZ empowerment processes increasingly felt better by beneficiaries and the public, especially in Riau Islands”

In the end of Journalism Training, Limawan Vihien the young novelist who joined the Forum Lingkar Pena Kepulauan Riau reviewed a novel with the title ” Cinta Berkelas Sang Disabilitas “, she encouraged participants to produce work through writing, sharing tips of groove posts, viewpoints and the process of making the manuscript to be published and worth reading by public.

“Journalism Training provides inspiration as well as encouraging us to diligently read and write, with reading we open horizons of the world, and by writing we tie the knowledge we received,” said Sujasman as Volunteer Coordinator RZ Batam closed this Journalism Training.

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