SD JUARA CILEGON RUTIN LAKSANAKAN APEL UPACARACILEGON. Every Monday, SD Juara Cilegon began to implement the flag ceremony. As seen on Monday (16/05), all students along with the Principal and teacher of SD Juara Cilegon followed the flag ceremony. All officers in ceremonial flag this time are students of 2nd grade of SD Juara Cilegon.

In a flag-raising ceremony this time, all ceremonies attendant and participants of the ceremony has been seen more orderly than the previous one. Principal of SD Juara Cilegon champion who became a builder ceremony this time to thank all ceremonies attendant and the participants who had behaved well.

“Alhamdulillah, I observed that our flang ceremony day by day is getting better. Thanks to all the ceremonies attendant who had behaved well, and thanks also to all participants of the ceremony that has followed this ceremony well, orderly, and solemnly. Hopefully later students of 1st grade can also learn to be attendant ceremonies such the other class” said Susanto, Principal of SD Juara Cilegon.

In delivering his speech, Principal of SD Juara Cilegon also announced the results of a competition that has been followed by marawis team of SD Juara Cilegon on Sunday (15/05), that marawis team get an appreciation to be The Best Performance. Again, the principle gave an appreciation to the team which has managed to bring home the trophy.

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