sd-juara-cimahi-ukir-pengalaman-berhargaJAKARTA.Groups of students accompanied by 8 teachers leaving at 6:00 am from Cimahi, Arriving at KidzZania around 9 am, students directly draw on variety of games that are there. KidzZania is an indoor recreation area with a design that is located at Pacific Place Shopping Mall lt 6, precisely on Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53, Kawasan Niaga Sudirman (SCBD), Jakarta 12190.

“Here they enjoy Edutainment travel with the concept of Active, Creative, Effective, and Fun. Children learn about the profession of adults and their direct acting as if they are working in accordance of their respective professions. “Said Jajang Sudarsa, Vice principal of SD Juara Cimahi.

For 6 hours in the place, all students actually eagerly trying all the rides there. Learn about various professions and try simulating it becomes exciting and unforgettable experience for the students. Students simulate some professions such as radio broadcasters, judges, journalists, car racing driver, a baker, and others.

Besides getting valuable experience, students also got rewards in the form of souvenirs or food according to the profession that they run on every rides they visit, it is increasingly making students challenged and excited. After they undergo a profession, they will then be given a “salary” in the form of Kidjoss currency.

“Yeahh, I got salary and gift (souvenir) from Bogasari!” Said one student as he showed his Kidjoss.

Activity completed around 04.00 pm, the group then returned to Cimahi with valuable unforgettable experience. “Hopefully later we be able to play her again, ” said one of the student.

Newsroom/Ai Ratih Rusmayanti

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