sd-juara-ini-borong-piala-di-al-kautsar-science-expo-2016CIMAHI. Sekolah Juara name echoed in Al Kautsar Science Expo 2016 competition that was held on Saturday (11/05). Al Kauthar Science Expo 2016 with the theme “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is held annually by SD Islam Al-Kauthar, and annually SD Juara Cimahi follow this race.

In this opportunity to race this time SD Juara Cimahi send its best students to follow two branches of the competition, namely branches of Science and Tahfidz competition, for Science competition level 1 followed by Wafa, Syahla and Haniyya while Science competition level 2 followed by Hamdan, Alma, Fayza and Science competition level 3 followed by Aufa, Khalwa, Humam, while for Thafidz competition followed by Alya, Syahdan, Shofia, Rio, Mushlih, Banan. Besides conducting competition for students, in Al Kautsar Science Expo 2016 Futsal competition for the teacher also held, and SD Champion Cimahi have an opportunity to participate in futsal competition among teachers.

Activities started at 7:30 opened with a recitation of Quran and speeches from the committee. Then proceed with the competition held in parallel, in the race Science each team consisting of three people should pay attention to practicum done by tutor, students must answer what is going to happen with the experiment and its reason, while in Tahfidz competition students must read compulsory surah and connect verse given by the jury and around 11:00 the whole race was complete.

Exactly at 12:30 time-awaited arrival, the announcement of the results of the competition, Alhamdulillah, on the permission of God and hard work of the students, teachers and prayers from various parties, SD Juara took home six trophies. The champions achieved by SD Champion Cimahi are 1st winner in Science level 1, 2nd winner on Science level 2, 3rd winner at Science level 3, 1st winner and 3rd winner in Tahfidz level 2, and 3rd winner in Futsal competition for teacher.

Siti Rohayati, One accompanying teacher who accompanied the students race expressing gratitude, happy and proud of the achievements of students who successfully carved by champion ” Alhamdulillah, as my companion I felt happy, excited when the MC said the champion. I feel happy and proud to children. One thing to be evaluated is the quality of children in Tahfidz, it should be improved. “She said.

“This is a proud achievement for the school, because last year SD Juara Cimahi only managed to get one trophy only at this race, but alhamdulilah, it improves now. This proves that SD Juara continues to grow. “Continued 1st grade homeroom teacher. “Dear children, keep eager for achievement and do not forget to continue to be grateful for what you had gained.” Closed Siti.

Newsroom/Jajang Sudarsa

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