JAKARTA. SD Juara IPC re-appear in Nusantara Building of DPR/MPR in filantropy event. Opened by the chariman of the commite Mr. Edi and continued with welcome speech from Fahri Hamzah as vice chariman of the House of representative.

Philanthrophy is the actions of a person to love his fellow human beings and the value of humanity, so donate his time, money and energy to help others. The event was attended by RZ CEO Nur Efendi, and Director of Philantra Mr. Asep Nurdin, they were also speakers at the event.

SD Juara IPC took part in the opening session by playing the song “Tegar” accompanied by a unique percussion music. With a total of 17 personnel, there were amazed faces from the audience watching the percussion. Group as they performed with passion and compactness, spreading enough positive energy to start this event. They performed again during the closing session with the percussion arrangement of the song “Apuse”.

“It is a priceless gift for us, it can add valuable experience to the children of percussion personnel. Every opportunity to appear given we will use the best, to show the quality of art music that is unusual but worth to be enjoyed. Hopefully this talent can be an added value for the mental and intellectual development of the champion percussionists, “said Yulie Kusumawati, vice principal SD JuaraIPC.


Newsroom/Yadi Mulyadi


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