JAKARTA. (03/11). Elementary School Students in SD Juara Jakarta Barat assisted by RASBI Bank Indonesia and Rumah Zakat participated in various FAKRIA 2018 competitions “Ar Rahman Islamic Creativity Action Festival” at Ar Rahman Integreted Islamic School.

In the prestigious competition that was attended by various schools in the West Jakarta and surrounding areas, SD Juara Jakarta Barat sent its representatives to participate in the Nasyid competition, Trivia and the Creativity of used goods. The competition with the theme “Creating an insightful, skillful and Islamic moral generation through integrated creativity” was also attended by community leaders, Hidayat Nur Wahid. Motivation and enthusiasm were constantly given by the accompanying teachers to all elementary school students who would compete.

When first given info about nasyid competitions, quizzes and creativity of used goods, the children looked very excited. They must be able to show cohesiveness and solidarity because this competition is a team competition.

Convinced of the abilities of his students, SD Juara Jakarta Barat sent two teams for trivia competition, one nasyid race team and one team or Creativity of used goods. The exercise that had only been underway for two weeks had succeeded in bringing them to the Second and Third place of trivia, III Champion of Nasyid and III Champion in Creativity in used goods.

The success of these students is certainly inseparable from the support of all parties, especially teachers who intensely train and teach children with patience.

“Alhamdullillah, the process does not betray the results. Today’s success is thanks to all the encouragement and prayer, also thanks to the perseverance and sincerity of children for training. Hopefully the elementary school kids from SD Juara Jakarta Barat will be more enthusiastic to make achievements, “said Laila, a teacher at SD Juara Jakarta Barat.



Lailatul Istikhomah

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