EAST JAKARTA. Friday (21/07), SD Juara East Jakarta Rumah Zakat held a socialization meeting of school programs. Adhes Leoni as the Learning Support Unit (LSU) delivered the material Speech “Struggling together to build the ship of civilization,” as the motivation of students and parents to succeed the learning program at SD Juara Jaktim.

Motivation material is delivered as an encouragement to grow the spirit so that beneficiaries of both students and parents in SD Juara can be transformed, from mustahik become muzakki in order to help the other community in the future.

Hari Priyanto as the guardian of students started the meeting by reading the letter of Al Kahf. Then continued the socialization of Rumah Zakat by Nur Lutfiana, Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Matraman. The meeting was closed with a reading of prayer by Lukman Supriyadi, a teacher of tahfidz SD Juara Jaktim.

The exposure of school programs and regulations was also provided by Fitri Meiany, Deputy Principal. And another announcement submitted by Ahmad Kosasi as Principal.

The socialization of the 1st-grade class was delivered by Iin Nurfaindah, Guardian of Class 1. The 5th-grade program was delivered by Istiasih, Guardian of Grade 5. And the 6th-grade program was delivered by Syahainurrahmi, the Grade 6 Guardian.

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