SD JUARA JAKARTA TIMUR MELAKSANAKAN OUTING CLASS DI DOMINO'S PIZZA.....JAKARTA. SD Juara Jakarta implement Outing Class at Domino’s Pizza Duren Sawit on Wednesday (3/22), this activity was followed by 1st and 2nd grade students as they relate to existing indicators in Bahasa lessons that is tell an experience ever experienced by learners, activities likes and dislikes, as well as fun activities and helpful. *

At 7:50 students are expected to arrive at the location of Domino’s Pizza, not far from the location of the SD Juara Jakarta Timur. Parents are required to deliver their children in the location as the appointed hour. and students are required to bring a folding table and coloring tools.

08.00 students were ready heading to third floor which was coordinated by the teacher and Domino’s Pizza staff. students queued up neatly and orderly. The tutor from Domino’s PIzza split students into 9 groups and students set up a folding table and coloring tools. Tutor shared apron and chef’s hat to wear when making pizza. students, tutor gave a speech and an explanation of Domino’s Pizza. Learners are so enthusiastic about listening, pizza is a food that is familiar yet foreign for their tongue. Tutor explains the ingredients for the pizza such asa flour, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, peppers, sausage, ham and others. Students increasingly impatient when the tutor invited to make a pizza topping. Each learner gets a pizza to be filled with toping mozarella cheese, sausage and ham. Pizza that they made themselves were named so as not to be exchange with his friend.

After making toping, Students were distributed coloring paper. The next activity is the road to food storage room and kitchen. They were divided into three groups, one group made observation, two other groups coloring. Syafiq and his friends entered the food storage room felt very cold, folding their hands. Then towards pizza oven. Tutor explained in detail began to batter, toping, tools and the oven. Tutor also introduced the staff who were working.

After all students make observations, they tidied up a folding table and left the third floor to the first floor. They got a goody bag form their own homemade pizza, drinks, pencil, apron and a certificate.

“Mom, it is axciting i could make a pizza myself and eat my pizza” Ghoza expressed his pleasure.

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