sd-juara-jaktim-gelar-basic-teacher-training-bersama-dosen-unjJAKARTA. UNJ (Universitas Negeri Jakarta) is known as one of the state universities who scored the qualified teachers in Indonesia, certainly not stable if we not learnt by experts from UNJ, the university who left the name Teachers’ Training College as a name that historically until now ,

SD Juara Jakarta Timur on Friday (07/10) for approximately 150 minutes from 01.30 until 04.00 pm held a joint teacher training with UNJ lecturer, Mrs. Reni Nur Eriyani, M.Pd which is also the assessor and speaker of teacher training in Indonesia. This teacher training is themed Basic Teacher Training (Implementation of Learning Methods and Character-Based Assessment).

This teacher training was held as a series of teacher training previously presented by Ms. Budi, Principal of SD Juara Jogjakarta which has pioneered the concept of character-based education.

In the teacher training, the important point presented by Mrs. Reni, Lecturer in Indonesian Language and Literature Education Program of UNJ is KTSP that is turns out that it can implement character-based education.

KTSP was discussed because in addition to the curriculum being used by SD Juara Jakarta timur under the direction of local groups, KTSP can also be implemented as Kurtilas character-based education. It is Only, KTSP more toward unit of subjects.

There is one interesting thing, the curriculum can be implemented into a character-based education provided that: (1) Master creative learning approach PAIKEM GEMBROT; (2) When learners actively enjoy learning, teachers give an attitude assessment with clear instrument, consistent, and focused; (3) Learning to make learners feel challenged; (4) Connect the vision and mission of the school with the RPP; (5) students and teachers alike actively and creatively; (6) Each study involves four language skills (hearing / listening, speaking, reading, and writing.)

Although Mrs. Reni felt the duration of teacher training is short, materials which she said represents a very complete and interesting because she started training materials with case studies. She also did not hesitate to give an example of character-based assessment format that can be modified by the school. She also mentioned a variety of creative learning methods such as role play, investigation, contextually teaching learning, and so on which make the eyes, minds and hearts of elementary school teachers open. Why not? The learning method delivered by Mrs Reni brought creative ideas for teacher.

Obviously if teachers consistently implement quality creative lesson plans derived from the vision and mission of the school and implement a character-based assessment is certainly the values of character and academic learners can be achieved with balanced.

“There is no excuse for teachers to Hijrah (move on) from regular teaching and learning on the spot into an outstanding creative learning and planned carefully.” Mrs. Reni message at the end of training

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