JAKARTA, Friday (8/30). At 15.00, the South Jakarta Paragon Juara Elementary School is usually quiet however this Friday is different. Some students came to school with bags containing clothes and other equipment with the intention of participating in the Quran Camp.

The Quran Camp activity held by SD Juara South Jakarta Paragon itself was attended by 20 students, 9 girls and 11 boys who were selected through the selection process by the teachers. The camp began with the Asr prayer in congregation and then other activities which ended the next day, Saturday (8/31).

The target of the camp was to invite students to memorize, as well as get close and interact with the Qur’an. The event was filled with the material to motivate students, memorize and be familiar with the Qur’an, qiyamul lail together and closes with sports.

The 20 participants of the Quran camp were very enthusiastic that this camp is held routinely. Because they feel it is easy to read and memorize the Qur’an. “Exciting, sir, the Quran Camp is not boring and I am happy I can study and sleep with my friends,” said Syaqilla, a participant of the Quran Camp.

“Even though this event is held once a month, but the benefits are expected to be felt continuously by elementary school students Juara Paragon South Jakarta so that this school can produce more Quran memorizers.” Said Deni S. chairman of the Quran Camp organizer.


Jaja Fatmaja / Hanaa Afifah

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