SD JUARA PEKANBARU RAIH JUARA UMUM PADA PERKEMAHAN PENGGALANGPEKANBARU. Sunday (03/05) SD Juara Pekanbaru won the overall champion at the Scout Camp of bukit subdistrict level, bukit raya district. 2 Scout groups of scout and guide won the champion, 1 winner of quiz competitions, 1 winner of religious race, 1st winner and 3rd winner of scouting techniques competitions.

The race held at MTS An Najah on March 4-5, the participants who followed the Scout Camp are three public schools and one private with the number of participants by 70 raisers.

“Thank God at this race we achieve maximum results in accordance with what we expect event it exceeded targets, in addition to means of character formation of students in the scouts as well we compete in some achievement for children and school” called kak Bayu scoutmaster of SD Juara  Pekanbaru.

Camp activities begin on Saturday where attendees come at 10.00 and immediately set up their tents, after the tent is complete, the students immediately resume activities with the preparation of the race held at night until Sunday.

In addition to scouting activities students are carried out their regular activity such as obligatory prayers in congregation, Duha prayer, reading the Quran and tahajud.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah


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