1005 SD JUARA YOGYAKARTA GELAR LOMBA PERMAINAN TRADISIONALYOGYAKARTA. Who said the traditional game was not fun ? You know the traditional game was really exciting. Proven by the 3rd grade students as a traditional game organizer at SD Juara Yogyakarta.

These students want to prove and to introduce at once, that the traditional game is fun and needs to be cultivated in the era of globalization. This traditional game match themed by “ Indahnya Persahabatan dengan Permainan Tradisional”. This activity is a learning project from Mr. Briliannaka Rawshan Fikri, S.Pd.I

The games that are contested include lomba egrang batok, lompat tali, kelereng, englek, ular naga dan petak umpet. The participants who follow this race are the students of grade 1 and class 2 are divided into several groups.

At the end of the match the committee announced the class that won the race. The competition of egrang batok won by the 1st grade student, lompat tali won by the 2nd grade student, ular naga won by the 2nd grade student.

For students who win this race will get serfitikat and gift 2000 voucher for jajan in canteen. Happiness also appears in the faces of both students who follow the race and who get the prize.

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