RZ Foto Bersama para wisuda SD Juara_resizedMEDAN. Sekolah Juara Persa Medan graduated 30 of its students in Sekolah Juara Persa yard Jl. Sei Bekala No. 2, on Tuesday (24/6). This graduation ceremony was attended by Triyanto, RZ Head of Regional of Sumatera, Antoni Jackson, LOTTE Mart Retail Store Manager, and other invited guests.

“This is the 3rd graduation ceremony held in Sekolah Juara Persa. The school management chose “Tersenyumlah Menyongsong Masa Depan Nan Gemilang” as its theme. The theme was chosen for encouraging the students to become a great generation and honorable person,” Sahidin, Sekolah Juara Persa, said. “I’m glad to cooperate with RZ Medan regarding to the distribution of Telkom’s employees’ zakat payment for the needy,” M. Kadir, Sumatera Telkom BBM, said.

To enliven the ceremony, the school management presented several entertainments for the audiences such as Ensamble Juara Group performance, bilingual poetry readings, and Juara dance performance. In addition, there was also an announcement of the student who achieves the highest national examination mark in each subject.

In the welcoming speech, Jackson claimed that he is very proud to cooperate with RZ in distributing LOTTE Mart’s CSR.***

Newsroom/M. Anggara

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