BATAM. SD Juara Batam which was established since 2016, now provides free quality education to 50 students who sit in class I and II. Head of SD Juara Batam, Shofar Fitrotul Amin stated that 50% of them are orphans and come from poor families. So the task for the educators at SD Juara Batam is to motivate and give them the spirit to go forward, even though it has no father.

“Children who have no parents have a tendency to be quiet and lack confidence One way to boost their confidence is by allowing them to join some of the competition, thank God some of them are already able to excel in several fields, “Shofar said.

SD Juara Batam stands in the area of Output Mangsang Sungai Beduk District which is included in the densely populated area, with the condition of middle to lower economy. While the number of schools there are still relatively minimal.

“People in Mangsang Village are the livelihood of mostly casual workers, gardeners, and fishermen, and there are quite a lot of orphans here, so this area is a target of empowerment for Rumah Zakat in Batam,” said Shofar.

One of the best elementary students of Juara Batam is Kayla. The first year student who has been left by his father since three years ago has talents in the field of drawing, coloring, and poetry. The unfavorable family condition did not dampen the spirit of Kayla to excel. This year Kayla managed to become the third winner in the coloring competition between schools in Batam City. “Kayla when it’s big to be a doctor at Rumah Zakat, let me help the crowds,” said the little girl who now lives with her mother and two brothers in Kel. Mangsang Kec.Sungai Beduk Batam City.

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