MEDAN. Wednesday (02/08) SD Juara Medan apply the learning activities called Al-Quran activity every morning before the students starting various learning activities. Each group consists of 9 -11 people. Each group carries out the study of Al-Quran in several locations such as Mosque, terrace, and classroom. This activity is intended as a means of planting the Islamic character of the learners.

SD Juara Medan creates a series of learning Al-Quran activities such as, reading with tartil and memorizing the Quran, then write and understand the science of tajwid. In addition to instilling Islamic character, the study of the Quran every morning is also intended to foster the spirit and love of the Quran.

There are many virtues in studying the Quran. One of them is the person who studies the Quran to be the best man according to the hadith of the Prophet. “The best you guys are who study the Qur’an and practice it” (HR.Bukhari).

Of course, we really want to be the best human being and hope that this activity becomes one of jariyah in the presence of Allah swt. Aamiin.

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