RZ LDKO CilegonTANGERANG. (07/09). Mulyani is a member of RZ Ecopreneur Community from Selapajang Jaya ICD. She has a business and it was firstly begun 5 months ago. She opened a small cafeteria next at her home. At first, she forced herself to do the business since of her husband was fired from a private company.

Her cafeteria provides various snacks and foods for children such as “papeda”, nugget, and “gorengan”. “Firstly, I could only get a small profit-making. However, I am always grateful because from it I can send my children to school and help my husband,” Mulyani said.

Her business is starting to improve significantly when she met an ICD Facilitator from RZ. At that time, she received business capital assistance and she was also invited to participate in entrepreneurship training organized by RZ.

Now, she could earn up to 700.000 rupiah as net profit per month. “Since I met RZ, I’m always guided and supported by mentor from RZ. Thanks to RZ, “she said. ***


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