MALANG. Tuesday (05/30), Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Malang began to move to carry out Syiar Quran program which is one of the programs of Rumah Zakat. Volunteers gather at Rumah Zakat Malang at 10.00 am to pack tools that is needed to be taken to PP An-Nisa Women Penitentiary Class II A located on Jl. Raya Kebonsari, Sukun, Malang City.


6 male volunteers and 15 female volunteers participated to visit the penitentiary for the implementation of Syiar Quran. Tuesday morning, Rumah Zakat Malang volunteers distributed 10 packages of Syiar Qur’an as inventory that can be utilized at the time of tadarus together in Musholla in accordance with the daily schedule that has been set.


There are several series of events that we carried out on this day, the welcome from PP An-Nisa Women Penitentiary, followed by a speech from the Rumah Zakat Malang representatives, taking photos, and prayers Dzuhur in congregation followed by a kultum about the virtue of Al-Quran by PIC of Syiar Quran Program. Some of the woman looked wistful and touched when the kultum was delivered.


“Glad and very touched to feel this event, we were reminded again about Quran, although there is already a regular program to read the Quran, but this activity really makes us aware that there are still people who care about the distribution of Quran for us, thank Rumah Zakat, “said Cahaya.


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