TEGAL. Saturday (21/10) Facilitator of Ujungsari Empowered Village Rumah Zakat, Adiwerna Subdistrict , Tegal Regency, Hasbi Iskandar together with Therapist and Herbalist Sukma held a social activity of Bekam and Chiropractic for free. Located at the Hasbi residence every month this activity is carried out.

“There are 15 citizens who are invited alternately every month,” said hasbi.

Before bekam and chiropractic started, the residents who were present were given guidance on the healthy lifestyle that had been exemplified by the Prophet, Hasbi also delivered the program of Rumah Zakat which has been running in Ujungsari Village.

“90% people in the world experiencing spinal problems it caused by falling or often carrying heavy loads, but the severity is different, the most severe level is humpback,” Hasbi said before starting chiropractic therapy.

Chiropractic therapy is done in Yumeho type with Gymnastics performed on the floor with some movement to straighten the spine. After chiropractic practice is complete, followed by bekam.

Residents who have been registered are called for bekam. Types of bekam performed is bekam Luncur  to smooth the flow of blood in the body, bekam kering to remove the wind in the body and a bekam basah to remove dirty blood through the pores of the skin.

On the sidelines of the bekam, residents complain of illness suffered which is then answered by the therapist. Also abstinence is done after bekam.

“We are very glad and thank God Alhamdulillah after performing bekam, the body becomes light and complaints of disease lost, tomorrow morning can be more excited to move.” Slamet said as a public figure.

Hasbi also hoped that the residents will be more aware of the importance of healthy lifestyle.

“Hopefully the public awareness about healthy lifestyle will increase, Insya Allah, next month’s agenda I will invite the participants to become bekam therapist, besides to practice the sunna of the prophet also to increase the income of villagers of Ujungsari,” said Hasbi.

Newsroom/ Lailatul Istikhomah

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