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About us
Based on the passion to be the best NGO in channeling happiness between donors and beneficiaries, Rumah Zakat is not only committed to being a trusted, progressive, and professional institution, but can also collaborate with various parties for the creation of empowerment of the Indonesian people. Alhamdulillah, currently Rumah Zakat is one of the most trusted LAZNAS by the community.
The growth of Rumah Zakat as a trusted LAZNAS is inseparable from its long history, which began with the Majlis Taklim Ummul Quro recitation group agreed to form a social institution that is concerned with humanitarian aid. July 2, 1998 an organization called the Ummul Quro Social Wallet (DSUQ) was formed.


In 2020, Rumah Zakat turns 22 years old. During that time, we have given happiness to 35.5 million beneficiaries. In addition, currently Rumah Zakat already has 1,684 empowered villages scattered throughout Indonesia.
Rumah Zakat also won various awards in 2020. Among others, Rumah Zakat won the 1st Champion Indonesia Original Brand Award and the GIFA Excellence Award in Zakat Management 2020.
Through the Indonesian Happiness movement, Rumah Zakat continues to be committed and invites all parties to take part in providing small favors in order to create happiness for the entire community.