SURABAYA. A total of 24 children attend mass circumcision held at Al Azhar Syifa Budi Surabaya School and Rumah Zakat, Thursday (21/12).

This activity begins with a welcome from the TA, kindergarten and elementary school of Al Azhar Syifa Budi Surabaya, Mr. H. Oni Kristanto as Chairman of the Aurelia Foundation. He expressed his gratitude to all participants and parents and prayed that circumcision could go smoothly without any obstacles.

“We are very proud and grateful to all the participants and parents who have been present at mass circumcision activities this time, hopefully, this event smoothly without any constraints,” he said.

The next remarks from the House Zakat, Mr. Aditya Evan. Frightened by the submission of the charter from the House of Zakat to Al Azhar Syifa Budi Surabaya School and symbolic khitanan parcel to one of the participants’ circumcision.

Prior to the process of circumcision, the participants and their families were given tausyiah about the obligation of circumcision for a Muslim, delivered by Ustadz Imron Ghozali and closed with prayer.

Furthermore, the calling of circumcision participants in the order of arrival numbers to be performed circumcision in circumcision room. During the process, other participants are given a game along with door prizes that have been provided by the committee.

“Game and door prize activities are intended to reduce the fear of participants circumcision. The location of circumcision and the waiting room is also made long distances so as not to hear the sound of participats’ circumcision that cry, “said one of the committee.

The final stage of this mass circumcision is drug taking on drug depots. And distributing money to all participants who have circumcision. In addition, participants were also asked to take a rest and eat and take 15-20 minutes to see the condition of circumcision. After that, participants are allowed to go home and be reminded to do post-circumcision control.

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