BANDUNG. A total of 20 youth from various regions follow Creative School program built Rumah Zakat Collaboraton with Creative School. After taking coaching and training on entrepreneurship, they make a final presentation of the products of the ideas of each participant in groups at the office of Rumah Zakat Turangga street No 33, Bandung City.

Creative School Rumah Zakat is a human resources development program in the village which Creator School helps to produce entrepreneurs. Through this program, Rumah Zakat and Creator School provide coaching in the form of entrepreneurship training and practice to become the finished product for sale.

“By developing the potential of the village into a business will develop the village itself, especially forming the character of the village entrepreneurs that they are able to succeed in business. I believe Indonesia is great not because of the progress of the city, but because of the progress of the village. Together Rumah Zakat, I pioneered this program (Creative School) to develop village entrepreneurs, “said Yuswohady principal of Creator School.

20 young people who studied for 3 months got coaching at Zakat House Creative School. They come from different areas of Banjaran (Bandung), Buah Batu (Bandung), Subang, Garut and Pangandaran. Thursday (01/02/2018), the participants presented their respective innovation products. Most of them make culinary products that characterize each region with the uniqueness of the products created.

The products presented include YoKrim (processed ice cream and youghurt), Manggobang (processed drinks from pineapple mango), Kasingsat Tea, Renbo Sugar and Saung Pepes. The products are assessed by the judges with assessment criteria of packaging design, product innovation, business finance and marketing.

The judges who evaluated the product presentation from the youths who were trained in Creative Schools are Herry Hermawan Chief Operational Officer of Zakat House, Yuswohady the author of middle class Muslim and Principal Creator School, Ahmad Faisal TDA leader West Java 1, and Eggy Anwari a graphic designer.

Chief Operational Officer of Zakat House appreciates the product presentations from the youth of the Creative School. “So far, Rumah Zakat is helping the community directly in the form of business capital and providing business equipment to the community. The Creative School Program is very good and it is a pilot project to build young entrepreneurs in the village. Presentation of children’s product presentation is good, if they are developed longer then they will become the seeds of young entrepreneurs who are able to develop their own villages, “Herry said.


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