PALEMBANG. Rumah Zakat Palembang Branch, South Sumatera, distributed 10 Packages of Syiar Qur’an to Baitul Salam Orphanage, Tuesday (30/05).


Baitul Salam Orphanage is an orphanage located at JL. Madang, Lorong Nurul Huda, Sekip Jaya, Palembang which was founded by Indrawati. There have been many sacrifices she has made to establish an orphanage. In addition to material sacrifices, she had faced negative prejudices from those around her.


Five years passed. Now as many as 16 foster children live in Baitul Salam Orphanage. Some are in elementary school, junior high, and vocational school. Indrawati along with other board also equip all foster children with understanding of the science of religion. “We are studying every Wednesday night or Thursday night, but in the month of fasting, we will study every Sunday morning” Indrawati said.


One of the teachers who teach at the Orphanage Baitul Salam is an amil Rumah Zakat. Indrawati asked him to help in the religious field of orphanage so that children also do not get bored if taught by the board. And proven, the ustadz is able to attract the attention of children. “If ustadz suddenly did not come, I sometimes confused how to entertain the children for not being disappointed,” Indrawati Said.


Every time the religion lesson arrived, the children were always ready with the book. Some others are also ready to memorize short letters to be recited to ustadz. Once an afternoon, when the children were ready, ustadz suddenly sent an SMS that he was unable to attend. “The children are noisy, ask the ustadz to come quickly,” Indrawati recalled, “He is very patient, so the children love him.”


Indrawati representing the board of the orphan expressed her gratitude, praying that this goodness is also rewarded with goodness by Allah SWT. “Insha Allah this will increase and keep the spirit of children to continue to study,”She said.


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