JAKARTA. Thursday (27/07), North Jakarta Clinic of Rumah Zakat together with Cita Sehat conducts promotive and preventive activities outside the building in order to improve maternal and child health. The activity was held at RW 13 Community Hall, Koja Village, Koja Subdistrict, North Jakarta.

Gebyar posyandu is very much awaited by mothers who have babies and toddlers, they are very enthusiastic to follow this activity. The series of activities starts at 08.00 – 11.30 WIB. Target 100 babies and toddlers weighing weight, height measurement, immunization, and getting the additional feeding of milk and fruit was achieved.

Gebyar posyandu also filled with the health counseling about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and balanced nutrition delivered by Midwife Anyta Ekaningsih, not a few of them who ask, discuss, and consult around toddlers.

This activity was also supported and attended by representatives from Koja Sub-district and Sub-district office. They very much appreciate the support from Clinic of Rumah Zakat in North Jakarta. One of their representatives said that the Koja region government hopes that the synergy and harmony will always continue to other health activities in the Koja region, North Jakarta.

The community also expressed their gratitude and will actively participate in the next activity. “Hopefully Rumah Zakat always spread the benefit to the community, thank you very much to say,” said Rohani (29).

Newsroom / Nurul 

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