semarak-majelis-taklim-telkomsel-gelar-gebyar-muharramTANGERANG. On Sunday (10/30) RZ and MTT (Majelis Taklim Telkomsel) hold events both in order to enliven the new Hijri year 1438 H, namely Gebyar Muharram with the theme of “Muharram Cheerful, Smile Sharing”. The activity was carried out in Windhu Karya building followed by 200 people consisting of MTT-RZ foster children, and as well as invited guests.

Promptly at 7:30 am the show started with brain gymnastics of the, in the event are already in place door prize of 50 grand prizes, ranging prizes to major prizes, such as drinking, Al Quran, stationery, school bags, Fan, and Mountain Bike as the main reward.

Marawis of anak Juara Selapajang did not want to miss the moment to enliven the event by offering their best performance in Windhu Karya building

“With this Muharram event, RZ want to give the message that by sharing the problems that plagued in this country, insya Allah, we can overcome together, there are many examples that show that in sharing there are sense of helping each other, there is mutual feeling and also there a sense of shared responsibility, “Said Iwan Aprijanto as Branch Manager of RZ Tangerang in his speech.

Mr Abdullah, as the caretaker of Majelis Ta’lim Telkomsel (MTT), he stated, “Make Muharram this time as the momentum of the rise of the younger generation, the generation that will continue the leadership baton, according to the Training theme today is ‘Build Dream Achieve Success.’ “he explained.

In addition, there is a motivation Training in these activities is filled by a Jawara Motivation No. 1 in Banten Professional, Mr. Ahmad Dimyati, M.Pd with the theme “Build a Dream Achieve Success”. Antraktif delivery and evocative examples that make children so enthusiastic and eager to follow this training. They laughed happy, touched, and also flared in the spirit of the event.

The activity closed with the submission of Muharram Gift package to anak juara, followed by lunch. Azizah as lucky participants get the main prize mountain bikes expressed his delight, ” Alhamdulillah, Allah realy loves me ” she said.

Already a few weeks ago he was always complaining about the bike that is often broken to his father, he asked his father to buy a new bike, because the bicycle is used by Azizah to go to school everyday, because the father works as a laborer with an average income range of 2 million, has not been able to buy a new bike for Azizah. “Alhamdulillah, thank you RZ, thank you donators, Azizah wishes come true finally I got a new bike, and do not have to walk to school.” She continued happily accompanied by a sense of emotion.


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