penuh-haru-sd-juara-yogya-peringati-hari-ayahYOGYAKARTA. In order to enliven Father Day, SD Juara Yogyakarta held on Father’s Gathering (11/15). This very special event is dedicated to the role of the father who had been equally remarkable in raising a son / daughter. Happiness beyond measure, reflected clearly in the eyes of the children is also the father at the time, laughter, smiles and even tears of emotion was coloring the activity.

Once opened by Mrs Catur as Vice Principal of Student affair in SD Juara Yogyakarta and other remarks, the event that was attended by approximately nearly 60 fathers, to build an atmosphere of intimacy between the children and the father SD Juara Yogyakarta conducted exercise together. There is no burden that appears when they did the exercise, all seemed happy and entertained.

The event was tinged with a variety of compactness games such as bakiak game and water sponge game. Cheer, cheering and excitement is inevitable. In fact, children whose father is not present or whose father has gone, can play together. Offer each other, “Let’s play with me and my father.” Said a boy to his friend.

Their joy did not end there, after the games, they can have some bonding moment between the child and the father, but this time apart. Children make paper in the form of pictures and love letters to their father, while the father gets motivated about “Role of Fathers” from Dudi Rosyadi.

Tauching increasingly felt when the main event arrived. In the main event student representative prompted to come forward to read out a letter or a simple greeting for dad. One by one the children came forward and there is even a student who just read a half of the letter because he could not hold back his tears, then he cried and his father also came forward to hug him.

“Really, this is a wonderful and unforgettable moment for us. Witnessing with all my soul, that love is present to meet cavities in the hearts of our students, “said Mrs. Budi, Head of SD Juara Yoyakarta.

“And this is no longer just the responsibility of a father to a his child alone. But, more than that, which we are witnessing today is a shared responsibility of fathers to embrace all children to look to the brighter future along with the role of the father who wants to be presented together. ” She added.

“Father, thank you for working hard for me, be healthy and have a long life so you can accompany me. I love Dad, Happy Father’s Day. ” a letter of one of the students for her father.

“For fathers, thank you for the extraordinary role during this time to accompany children.
If the mother is the primary school, then the father is the headmaster. Where is the role that you entailed no less important as the role of the mother. Then, let us show the world and the future, it’s time to say goodbye to “Fatherless country” and welcome “full father’s love country”. Mrs. Budi closed.

Newsroom/Annisa Nursanti

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