SEMARAKNYA EKSPEDISI SUPERQURBAN BATANG 2016BATANG. RZ hold SuperQurban expedition in Kalangsono village, Banyuputih, Batang. The event that started at 8:00 am at the Field Village get enough attention from surrounding communities, evidenced by many citizens who Came to watch the various events that have been designed by a committee consisting of Village official and RZ volunteer.

The event was supposed to start at 8 am finally Began early ie 07:30 am due to the many competitors were present and eager to get started. The competition was followed by children from each hamlet and is also followed by the PKK representative of each Hamlet.

The competition that Followed by the children include Sack Race, Bakiak race, broke Water and grab coins. The Race became more festive and inviting a lot of laughter when the committee joined Bakiak race and sack race s.

The event also was getting more exciting when the PKK joined various Competitions. And the most exciting is when woman Participate in face makeup competition with closed eyes inevitably their face become very funny and invite laughter of the audience.

Shortly before noon, the race concludes with corned Superqurban cooking race Followed by the PKK. The event closed with the distribution of 400 cans of corned Superqurban, Division of basic foods to the poor widowand the division of Ceria Scholarship by representatives of village elders and its official. Satisfied and happy faces seen Also from the contest winners who get a reward from RZ.

“I hope RZ along with inspiring volunteer could hold a race event like this every year, especially with the distribution of basic necessities and these scholarships make people very happy. Thanks Rumah Zakat.” Said Mr. Amin as the secretary of the village


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