ACEH BESAR. Jumat (05/01/2018) – Rumah Zakat Aceh supplies orphans in training programs. At this time the program that is implemented is sewing training that is intended for orphans victims of tsunami 2004 ago. This program is a program implemented in cooperation with OIC-IDB since 2010 ago with Orphan Kafalah Program (OKP) program.

In this activity, especially for orphans junior high and high school level as many as 9 children by holding some custom institute in sewing training. This activity is planned for 6 months in the hope that the orphans who participate in this skill in sewing. All orphans who follow there are from Banda Aceh and Dominant from Aceh Besar.

OKP tutor Nur Aini said, “This program is expected for children to be independent later on, to have creativity and when finished from OKP program can be a land to work.” So Nur said.

The first day of entering the program, orphans seem very happy to be able to participate. They intend to become professional tailors later.

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