MAKASSAR. Rumah Zakat with Cita Sehat held a healthy gymnastic activity with the elderly in the region assisted by Rappokallang, Makassar.

This activity is a routine activity implemented weekly in Rappokalling District with the intention to improve the health status of local communities. The activity started at 07.00 and ending at 09.00 WITA,

Before the gymnastics start, the activity opened with prayer and health counseling delivered by Ramli, The PIC who is also a gym instructor. Counseling delivered about healthy life is beautiful.

Dozens of people participated in the activity was very enthusiastic following the activity from the beginning until the end of the activity. One such enthusiastic participant is Mardiana, 70 years old women, resident of Rappokalling who is but never absent in following gymnastics activity together.

“Alhamdulillah I regularly follow gymnastics, and if not follow me feel the loss because Rumah Zakat have provide gymnastic activity for us. With regular exercise, I become healthier and fit” said Mardiana.

Newsroom/ Nurul Rahayu

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