RZ LDKO CilegonBANDAR LAMPUNG. During the breaks of teaching and learning activities in Rumah Giat Lampung, the students were invited to join in fun and healthy gymnastic.

“We tried to promote healthy lifestyle by exercising at least twice in a week because a healthy body can bring a healthy soul. Thus, they can learn in a good condition every day,” Siti Mahmudah, a part time teacher, said.

Rumah Giat is a house which has been established under the cooperation of PT. Hero Supermarket and RZ in several major cities. It is presented as children’s learning and potential development facility. There are various facilities and activities provided here such as library, school subject tutoring and mentoring, handy craft class, educative games, Quran class, and sport class.

“Rumah Giat is an exciting place for learning and playing with others. There are many knowledge and experience that I’ve got here. Thanks to Hero and RZ,” a beneficiary said. ***

Newsroom/Siti Mahmudah
Bandar Lampung

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