BATAM. in commemorating National Nutrition Day (HGN), SD Juara Rumah Zakat Batam conducts Parenting School with healthy gymnastics. With the theme “Create a healthy and strong soul with diligent exercise & Nutrition enough,” on Saturday 20, January 2018 in SD Juara School Batam.

Healthy gymnastics held at 07.00 WIB was guided by Mr. Suhermanto Amd as Instructor Gymnastics Archipelago, which presents a variety of typical dance movements and archipelago songs, ranging from warming up, stretching to the core movement, fun gymnastics as well as familiar to the culture of the archipelago, and greeted enthusiastically all Wali Students SD Juara Batam, “Mr if we can we conduct the gymnastics like this routinely, at least per three months, let me relax our joints that have started this old” said Mr. Mahmud Habu Zauhari student guardian Ziyad Ramadhan Jauhari who daily become laborers this work.

Parenting School which is one of the meeting programs of SDN Student of SD Juara filled with Healthy Gymnastic is the first time held, for 2 years SD Juara attended in Province of Riau Islands, involving all Wali Murid and elementary school student Juara Batam which was greeted vigourously by Father and Mother Parents SD Champion Batam, “Parenting School is a means of connecting silaturrahmi & Communications of the school and guardians, in the hope that all parents continue to be involved and present every month to continue to communicate with the school, so we continue to innovate and pack silaturrahmi program with different concepts, one with a healthy gymnastics together, “said Shofar Fitrotul Al Amin S. Pd.I the Head of SD Juara Batam.

After Gymnastics with the parents enjoy the Milk Peanut Milk Flavored Peanut, the warmth of the body after sporting each other chatting, and some guardians look serious discussions with their child’s Guardian Class, smile to greet each other, and discuss many things until the Sun begins to rise and some guardians of students one by one retreat and mutual exchanges.

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