SURAKARTA. Monday, (05/29) drizzling rain in Sangkrah village did not dampen residents to attend Ifthar Jamai held at the mother and children post, precisely in RT 06/10, Sangkrah. Sangkrah village is Rumah Zakat’s assisted village.


Break fasting at 4 o’clock this afternoon is not only distributing 100 iftar packets, but also done with the division of savings activities for customers of Trash Bank Sampah Hidayah Asri. A community of trah bank which is built under Rumah Zakat supervision focuses in saving organic garbage. With the existence of the community, people can exchange the waste with basic needs, and can be used for waste recycling production.


This fasting event was not only attended by bank customers of garbage, but also attended by citizen figures in Sangkrah. Starting from the lurah, RW chairman, RT Chairman, Posyandu cadre, and other Sangkrah figures, satisfaction and happiness radiated in Singgih’s face, head of Sangkrah village. “I am very proud to see the results of the empowerment of Hidayah Asri trash bank that is displayed in the the event this time. Especially the art performace. “Singgih said.


Besides break the fast, there was also art performances, ranging from Gesang percussion performance from Sangkrah children featuring music from recycle tools barrels and used buckets are accompanied by traditional songs Gundhul-Gundhul Pacul. In addition there is also a fashion show of recycled dress made from used plastic waste and fabric recycling product exhibition. To further enliven the event, Rumah Zakat also held a free blood pressure and tension check for residents.


As the maghrib adzan called, 100 ifthar packets which is packed in orange-colored boxes adds a happy smile to the citizens. “Alhamdulillah, I can break the fast together with other trash bank customers. The ifthar menu is really good and complete. There are dates and chicken soy sauce. In addition, I can also know the condition of my blood pressure and glucose level after being checked. Many thanks to Donator of  Rumah Zakat. Hopefully the more blessing bestowed to you. ” Niko said, one of the residents of Sangkrah.

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