ACEH. On Sunday (27/08) Senyum Mandiri program of priority empowered village was empowering the people by training of making hijab and clothes to the mothers who join the group together with the custum in Guha Uleue Village, Kuta Makmur sub-district, North Aceh district, Aceh province .

This time the Beneficiaries got the tools and skills of sewing the headscarf from one of kustum PMT, Mrs. Fitrianis who is also a housewife who has experience in making hijab and clothes.

In terms of training the sewing of the hijab, the Beneficiary (PM) on average has been able to make the basic hijab pattern of sewing, so that it made them easier to complete the further hijab making process.
To the facilitator of Rumah Zakat, they hope there can be more beneficiaries that can get the skill of sewing the hijab, because the benefits itself is a lot especially for the young generation such as young women and housewives who have the opportunity and time to be able to produce the work that can be felt for themselves and society.

Furthermore, beneficiaries can produce mass headscarves in large quantities in order to be sold in the community and become a superior product of empowered villages that can be exhibited and marketed. Finally, with this additional Priority Berdaya village funding program, more and more PMs can be involved and empowered.

“Alhamdulillah Senyum Mandiri program of priority empowered village program has been running for one week. Thank you Rumah Zakat who already supports this activity, may Allah repay all our good. Amiiin.” Said Muhammad Surya, facilitator of Rumah Zakat.


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