GROBOGAN. The beginning of the rainy season is what many people look forward to, as do the farmers. With the coming of the rainy season, farmers have great hopes to start planting, both crops and other crops.

This cannot be separated from what is felt by farmers in Ngumbuk village Sendangharjo Karangrayung, Grobogan. The farmers started planting corn that became the leading commodity in the village, but some farmers want to add a new list of plants that will be the superior product of vegetables.

Vegetables that will be planted are chili, mustard, beans, spinach, kale, and others. But chilli will be the priority because in the previous planting season has been implemented with Senyum Mandiri program of Rumah Zakat.

This initial program is used as a planting test for soil type and the implementation of this program gets assisted by the Honda Indonesia Surabaya (agricultural equipment), Lilik Ardiansyah. He is ready to assist farmer groups to start chili plants from the bottom up program of Rumah Zakat with MTN (Nusantara Society Breeder).

“Alhamdulillah facilitator of Rumah Zakat can help us to form vegetable farmer groups in this village, hopefully we can make this village become chili producing center and at the same time can improve economy of residents”, said Rahim as chairman of the group as well as chairman rw 01 Village Sendangharjo.


Newsroom / Dani Suhardi


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