SERU! SD JUARA MEDAN BELAJAR PADAMKAN KEBAKARANMEDAN. SD Juara Medan held a Field Trip to the Fire Prevention Department. The visits conducted at 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 pm. The event was attended by 157 students of SD Juara Medan. The event aims to introduce students to the profession, in this case the firefighting profession. Through the field trip students can learn and get involved directly, so student’s understanding would be more thorough.

On the occasion the students are taught about how to prevent fires in the home. “When you smell gas at home then immediately disconnect the gas regulator, open all windows and doors to allow air to enter so there is no fire.” Said Mr. Hasibuan as the instructor

Mr. Hasibuan also briefed to students about fire suppression, including fire-retardant clothing. All students listened with enthusiasm, they were one by one given the opportunity to try to wear flame retardants commonly used by firefighters. It can be seen, they were extremely enthusiastic about their new experience wearing fire-retardant clothing.
The firefighters in Medan can be contacted at 113 call center (toll-free) or to a telephone number (061) 4515356.

The most interesting thing is after listening to the explanation of the instructor and satisfied by riding wide – range fire engines, all students take turns to follow the simulation extinguishing the fire. This activity is not only attended by students, but also teachers.

“It was very interesting, the fire don’t want to quench” Exclaimed Abdul 6th Grade student enthusiastically. Once they exhausted putting out fires, all students take a break and eat lunch together.

After a group photo with firefighters the field trip came to an end. “Thank God the kids were happy and enthusiastic to join this activity. Field Trip this time will certainly become a byword for the next week at school, “said Pak Fahriza happily.

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